Who we are

The design of our facilities and Know How allow  us to face the Green IT policies of the company and manufacture a high quality product.

SAIFOR has more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and giving solutions to Datacenters and Control Rooms infrastructures.

Our headquarter is located in Barcelona (Spain) and affiliates in Lons (France), Kontich (Belgium) and a wide network of distributors and partners all over the world, put us as a technological power in more than 40 countries.

We also have a plant of over 12000 m2 in Barcelona with the latest technologies advances that allow us to have a quick production, flexibility and fulfilment of all the market demands always adapting our product to our customers needs..

Our team of qualified engineers in the design area together with the R+D department can solve any technical and mechanical needs and they are always in constant studies of new ideas that allow us to be ahead of technologies.

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Why Saifor?

Continued Growth

It is fundamental to encourage our success.
Our search for a continued growth motivate us to look for new ideas,
always trying to take the right decision today that will be a contribution for tomorrow.

Empowered People

We have got our leadership because we encourage our team making
a comfortable working place and getting the best result in less amount of time.


Responsibility is the foundation for a healthy and continued growth of our company. Our Values & Philosophy certify the company we want to be and help us to achieve business success through our team and to offer
a high quality product to our clients. Following this politic we reach Excellency.

Saifor Advantages

SAIFOR offers competitive advantages that make it one of the best in the infrastructure solutions for datacenters and control rooms sector.

State of the art technology:

Our facilities, specifically built for our operations, are equipped with cutting edge technology. Our in-house laboratory fitted with the most advanced high precision testing equipment available on the market, bears witness to our commitment to innovation, from a technology as well as a management standpoint.

Our R&D department can meet any technical needs and is constantly working on new ideas, allowing SAIFOR to remain at the forefront of technology.


SAIFOR SLU’s main asset is its people, their experience and professional and technical skills, and their know-how. Their personal and professional development is a priority, and respecting and trusting them a basic principle.

SAIFOR products guarantee the highest quality levels, because we have a specialized designing team and a manufacturing plant of more than 12,000 sqm with the latest technological advances and a green IT policy that certify our commitment with greatness.

We know that a quality product is not enough to guarantee the market supremacy, that is why we offer other specialized services that give the client global solutions to every single request.

The additional services and support that we offer are:

check-saifor A certified installation team
check-saifor Maintenance
check-saifor Warranty
check-saifor Logistics
check-saifor Customized design
check-saifor Rendered projects

Saifor history

Saifor has more than 30 years providing quality and excellency in products and services.

SAIFOR GROUP was created as a consequence of a corporate project developed by Mr. Josep Isart, who was a man with a clear idea of what he wanted for the future, that is why he decided to start this project based in the professional experience he had acquired in the 70s, when he technically developed the first 19″system in Spain and was also part of the administration board of a very important company which was specialized in security system.

At the age of 40 he decided to create his own company, with which he could develop himself as a professional. This decision was not motivated by an economic interest, but by the wish he had to develop in the business world.

In 1985, he established his first company SAITEK, using his knowledge and experience of the last 10 years. His first step as businessman was starting a commercial business with an important French company that manufactured mechanical systems for electronic equipment. They agreed that SAITEK would be in charge of the distribution of the products in Spain and get a good niche in this market.

In 1991 looking for new models of business, he developed a new idea that turned him into a pioneer in Spain in manufacturing and distribution of racks; this was a growing and new market, which gave him a great opportunity to create solutions for computing networks and  expand quickly in this market that is why he decided to create SAIFOR, because he realized that he needed an I+D department and a production plant to consolidate his position in the Spanish market.

Around year 2000,  the company was consolidated and established in Spain and he decided it was the right moment  to work global business engineering with a strategic planning oriented to the future, which main goal was expanding around the world always knowing that to guarantee the future of the company, he need to keep loyal to those people who worked with him from the beginning and contributed with the success that SAITEK/SAIFOR had reached in Spain.

On the other hand, he had decided to continue his company as a family business incorporating his two sons in the process.

The internationalization of the company was very hard at the beginning, because it was a real challenge to change the business mentality that the company had been using so far and start something new and unknown. The investment of time and money was also very high but our working team programmed and developed a perfect business plan which brought good results and allowed achieving the first objectives of the company.

With the creation of the export and a powerful I+D department, the implementation of the internationalization planning, through acquiring affiliates in strategic locations around the world and a vital re-engineering we have been able to be stable and in a continued growing.

Nowadays the group works actively with different market through partners and distributors network worldwide, focusing in important market as Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Other affiliates are in process of activation in several countries.

With the creation of ISART GROUP ENTERPRISES in 2010, which is the SAIFOR holding and the incorporation of his sons to the administration board of the company, the group has started a new era ,which is based in the principles the group has since the beginning, which allow continuing  the work the group has been doing for years and respecting the philosophy and values of the group.