Air traffic control


ATC consoles are designed to offer all the necessary visual angles, that are requested air trafficcontrol, where acontinued monitoring is essential in every day work.

These Control Rooms demand comfort, ergonomic and modularity, allowing the operator to have a perfect view of the monitors and be relaxed enough to anticipate to any incident that could happen, like a delay in traffic, divert traffic and dispatch emergency response assuring 24/7 public safety.

Security & Surveillance


Our consoles are specially designed by highly qualified precision engineers, who take care of every detail guaranteeing the accuracy of the product.

In a mission critical control room it is necessary to have the right technical furniture which allow having all the equipment close to the operator, because it is necessary for their functionality and comfort a make it easier to have a quick response on any critical decision-making.




(gas, oil, power, water)


SAIFOR has designed a special technical furniture, which offers the utilities companies the distribution they need in a room where a big number of user works, this means that a large number of equipment have to be installed in the consoles, taking into account the viewing angles, accessibility, equipment security, flexibility and ergonomic.




For these institution SAIFOR design the suitable technical furniture, that allow having the comfort, ergonomic, space distribution and functionality which are compulsory in this kind of environment.

Usually the control rooms for Government require solutions, which adapt to the space and operator numbers who will use the available equipment, at the same time this kind of installation also need a proper design for the meeting rooms and crisis room that satisfies each one of the operators’s needs.

Communication Centers


A perfect operational system and the decisions taken are strategic for the proper performance of any telecommunication center.

In SAIFOR we are aware of the necessities in a mission critical environment, like telecommunication centers, They need to have a suitable ergonomic solution where the space can be perfectly distributed and the information inside it perfectly handled.




The growth of new technologies e innovative environments over the year has brought exponential increases to the workers workload in any technological environment.

As this load continues growing the symbiosis between the operators and their working environment is becoming more important. The operators need the support of a functional working area with the correct technical furniture which provides an easy access to the equipment and material use in every day work.